Stori is a brand new social app built for web 3 on the Deso blockchain. Stori is different to any web 2 app because users have the ability to mint their content as an NFT meaning it can be sold in the Stori Marketplace. Stori will create a whole ecosystem around creators and Stori Marketplace. Creators will be able to mint their Stori, stickers, templates and filters as NFTs. Stori will be available in both The App Store and The Google Play Store. With Stori you can share every day snippets of your life in photo or video form. Once you post a Stori it will be available to view for 24 hours or if you would like it to be permanent you can choose to add your Stori to the Storiboard where it will become searchable based on hashtags. Users will be able to reply via DM to any Stori or will be able to leave a comment under a Stori shared to the Storiboard. Users will be able to curate their own Storiboards of inspiration by adding any Stori of interest into a collection.

Decentralized social media is the future of web 3. Moving away from Web 2 which consists of 3 main “Big Tech” corporations storing the data of billions of users under lock and key. Traditional social media companies have earned a bad reputation for data, security and privacy violations and the censorship and deletion of user accounts. Creators have grown tired of being the product and feeling like they have no control over their own content and data. With Web 3 and blockchain technology we can open-source and decentralise, meaning that creators gain back full control of their accounts and what they are sharing with the world.

Deso which stands for Decentralised Social Media is a purpose built layer-1 blockchain for scaling social media apps. With the lowest gas fees and storage fees of all other blockchains Deso is the most cost efficient and only blockchain to build an app like Stori on.

Stori Marketplace is the marketplace where creators can sell NFTs such as stickers, templates, stories and filters. We will have lots of free stickers, templates and filters available plus premium ones that are available to buy. There will be the opportunity to buy rare and collectable NFTs to use in your Stori created by unique and talented artists and brands.

Creators will have to apply to become a seller in Stori Marketplace (more details to follow soon) if you are a creator interested in this then be sure to join our Creators channel in the Stori server (link). Creators can attach their own unique utility to their NFTs meaning they can give any kind of special offer to the purchaser of one of their NFTs.

Brands will also be able to apply to sell NFTs in Stori Marketplace. The important factor that will be a game changer for brands and selling NFTs in Stori is the utility that they attach to their NFTs. Imagine buying a sticker from one of your favourite luxury brands that you can proudly display in your Stori, but as well as the bragging rights you have gained from owning that sticker you also got discount on items from that brand, or entry into a super exclusive event or even some free merchandise. Brands could also create Brand Ambassador stickers to issue to influencers who could display them on their Stori when promoting their products, allowing the influencer to claim or earn back whatever compensation was agreed with the brand in exchange for the advertisement.

What is an NFT? NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It is a digital asset such an an image or piece of music stored on the blockchain. NFTs use a digital ledger to form proof of ownership. Many NFTs are sold with utility such as entry into an exclusive club or free merchandise for example. With Stori we will be introducing NFTs to the mainstream as many are still not familiar with the concept. Stori makes it possible to NFT every aspect of your life, on the go. In Stori NFTs will be how creators are able to earn money in Stori Marketplace.

You can mint your Stori, stickers, templates and filters as NFTs in Stori.

Think of it as selling your ideas. Currently in the world of web 2, the internet is saturated with ideas and inspiration – the good ones have been replicated over and over again. People love originality and would pay good money for original ideas that won’t be plastered all over the web as a free-for-all for anyone to copy. If you sell a Stori as a 1 of 1 Stori, you are selling the one and only Stori, so if that Stori contains valuable content or original ideas, there will be buyers out there wanting to own something so unique that resonates with them. Don’t forget you can attach utility to your Stori when you mint it as an NFT, so you could sell that Stori as a unique ticket.

Creators will have to apply to become a seller in Stori Marketplace (more details to follow soon) if you are a creator interested in this then be sure to join our Creators channel in the Stori server (link). We will ask for a few details about you and to see some examples of the kind of content you will be selling.

Stori will be in the app stores soon. We are currently in beta. If you would like to access Stori you will need to create a DeSo account which you can do here: https://signup.deso.org then you can install Stori Testflight using this link: testflight.apple.com/join/iEsDuIx9 We will share Android link soon.