Stori Works Differently

Stori Marketplace is the marketplace where creators can sell NFTs such as stickers, templates, stories and filters. We will have lots of free stickers, templates and filters available plus premium ones that are available to buy. There will be the opportunity to buy rare and collectable NFTs to use in your Stori created by unique and talented artists and brands. Creators will have to apply to become a seller in Stori Marketplace (more details to follow soon) if you are a creator interested in this then be sure to join our Creators channel in the Stori server. Creators can attach their own unique utility to their NFTs meaning they can give any kind of special offer to the purchaser of one of their NFTs.

What can you sell as an NFT in the Stori Marketplace?

How can brands use Stori?

Not only will brands benefit from being able to save their Storis longterm, hence giving themselves evergreen monetisation opportunities, they will also be able to apply to sell NFTs in Stori Marketplace. The important factor that will be a game changer for brands and selling NFTs in Stori is the utility that they attach to their NFTs. Imagine buying a sticker from one of your favourite luxury brands that you can proudly display in your Stori, but as well as the bragging rights you have gained from owning that sticker you also got discount on items from that brand, or entry into a super exclusive event or even some free merchandise. Brands could also create Brand Ambassador stickers to issue to influencers who could display them on their Stori when promoting their products, allowing the influencer to claim or earn back whatever compensation was agreed with the brand in exchange for the advertisement.


What you get

Stori Features

Share 2 Earn

Share2Earn is a brand new concept from Stori - the more content you share, the more you can earn. With gamification and an NFT marketplace there are a number of ways you can stack the tokens with Stori.

Built on the

Stori is built on the DeSo blockchain meaning your content is not owned by anyone except you. There are no big corporations keeping your data under lock and key to make money out of you by pushing adverts your way.

Short Stori or
Long Stori?

Share your 24 hour Stori to capture a moment in time, or post it on the Storiboard forever. With a snappy title, a catchy description, and cool photos or videos that help tell your story, this just might be a new way to become internet famous…

Bringing NFTs
to the masses

Stori exists to introduce the next billion people to nonfungible tokens. We want to make it easier, cheaper and faster for everyone to mint, buy and sell NFTs in our marketplace.

Searchable and Collectable Storis

Storiboards are your secret (or not-so-secret) collections of special moments and inspirational content you find in Stori.


Stori is a multi-feature social app for the decentralized web3 space. With intuitive UX/UI and seamless navigation, it allows users to create, trade, and buy content and collectibles with ease.

Your Stori, on the blockchain

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